Adam Gutow-Ellis has earned the highest respect of his peers in the metal recycling industry.  He is well known in the industry for his integrity, experience, knowledge and innovation. 

Adam began working at Southwestern Scrap Materials, his family’s scrap yard in Dallas, Texas, while in high school. He learned how to operate cranes and forklifts, and he learned how to sort metals and alloys.

After attending the University of Texas in Austin, Adam re-joined the family business on a full-time basis. His responsibilities included soliciting industrial scrap from OEM’s and other scrap yards.  He expanded the business to include stainless and nickel based alloys. He invested in specialized processing equipment so he could sell directly to foundries and stainless and specialty nickel alloy mills, both domestically and internationally.

Adam opened a second location in Houston, and he guided a merger between Southwestern Scrap Materials and another entity that complemented Southwestern to become a national alloy processor with multiple facilities.  For the past 31 years, Adam has managed physical operations with over 125 employees and inventories with annual turnover of 120,000 metric tons.  

Adam has developed solid relationships with many of the world’s end users known for producing sheet, bar, plate, castings, forgings and powdered metal. Adam is knowledgeable about the use of metals and alloys in various industries, including the following: aerospace, automotive, defense, industrial, medical, oil & gas, refineries and industrial gas turbines.

In Adam’s 33 years of experience in the industry, he has demonstrated that he has the knowledge and well earned respect to pursue a successful relationship with your company.

In 2016 Adam started his new venture known as August Metals.